Tax Raising Harley Rouda Embraces Defund Police Group

Rouda campaigns extensively with defund police group

Huntington Beach, CA – Despite his ongoing attempts to convince Orange County families he’s not a far-left liberal, Tax Raising Harley Rouda continues cozying up to fringe groups who want to defund Orange County’s law enforcement.  
As reported in an article from the Washington Free Beacon noting his cozying up to Indivisible, the defund the police leaders, “Rouda has also campaigned extensively with Indivisible. He called their endorsement a ‘great honor’ in his 2018 run…”
“Tax Raising Harley Rouda continues cozying up to far-left groups who want to defund Orange County law enforcement,” Matt Ciepielowski, Steel for Congress campaign manager said. “Rouda’s support for higher taxes, jobs-killing bills like AB5, and groups who want to defund our police prove he’s completely out of touch with Orange County families.”
Read more about Harley Rouda’s close relationship with defund police group Indivisible here.

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