Day 5: Chen Busy Scouring Internet Trying to Delete Any Mention of Support for Doubling Taxes on Working Class Families

Chen: “I became a delegate for Bernie Sanders in 2016 because I believed in his vision of a single-payer national health care program.”

Garden Grove, CA – Five days and counting since Jay Chen was exposed for supporting California’s push for a radical single-payer healthcare plan that would double taxes on working class families and yet Chen refuses to address the issue. 

After being exposed for supporting the radical plan that would mean a $12,250 tax on each household in California, Chen immediately deleted any mention of his support for the bill cruising through Sacramento. 

“Jay Chen is in hiding furiously scouring the internet trying to delete any mention of his support for doubling taxes on California families, but at some point, he will need to face voters and explain why he believes a $12,000 per household tax is what working class families need in the face of skyrocketing inflation,” said Michelle Steel Campaign Spokesperson Lance Trover. 

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