Rouda’s AB5 Pushes State to Edge

Hundreds of thousands of people within hours of losing work/transportation
Rouda supports AB5, voted for nationalized version of AB5

Huntington Beach, CA – Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman and Republican candidate for CA-48, Michelle Steel, released the following statement on AB5 pushing ride share companies within hours of shutdown: 

“AB5 literally put Orange County citizens within hours of losing vital transportation and jobs in the middle of a pandemic. 
“As our community battles a pandemic, Sacramento is intent on pushing more people out of work and even worse, our very own congressman, Harley Rouda, wants to nationalize AB5, ensuring even more jobs lost along with curtailing a method of transportation for many who rely on these services. 
“Orange County families are already facing a devastating crush because of the Coronavirus, and Harley Rouda’s agenda of higher taxes is making life that much harder.
“We must repeal AB5 now.”

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