As AB5 pushes businesses to the ledge during pandemic, Rouda pretends it doesn’t exist

Supports federalized version, higher taxes

Huntington Beach, CA – Despite his own efforts to pass a federalized version of the law in Washington, at home Congressman Harley Rouda remains silent as AB5 pushes local businesses and their workers to the point of no return. 
“How Congressman Rouda can remain silent and not speak out against AB5 as it puts thousands of Orange County jobs on the line is disturbing,” Orange County Board Chairwoman Michelle Steel said. “Congressman Rouda’s record of supporting higher payroll taxes, higher property taxes and now jobs-killing bills like AB-5 is the exact wrong direction for Orange County as we face this pandemic.”
Beyond announcements from Uber and Lyft that they will have to halt services for three months in order to comply with the jobs-killing bill, a local Los Angeles business franchisee is outlining the disastrous effect AB5 will have on small businesses. 

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